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Monarch Butterfly News: March 13, 2014
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We're waiting for news of the mass departure from Mexico and the first sightings in the north. Where will monarchs travel to find what they need this spring? Image of the Week
Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary | Aerial View
Little Egg, Big Hope
News: Waiting...
Waiting for Departure
Estela reports that the monarchs at El Rosario appear to have dispersed broadly and only a few clusters remain. Full departure normally occurs during the last half of March. Sometimes departure is almost imperceptible, and other times it's sudden and dramatic.

Waiting for First Arrivals
We expect the first migration reports from northern Mexico and Texas any day.

"The leading edge of the migration typically crosses the Rio Grande around March 15th," says Texas insect expert, Mike Quinn.

Will milkweed be ready?
Texas milkweed is critical for egg-laying. Will this year's persistent cold temperatures cause milkweed to emerge late?

"No milkweed yet. We are having unusually cold weather for March. It got down to 9 degrees a week ago! We usually do not get that cold all winter long," said Joyce Nuckels of Ponder, Texas on March 10th.

Watch the map to see if milkweed is ready when the monarchs arrive.

Monarch Butterflies
Clusters Remain
Estela Romero
Monarch Butterfly Egg
Persistent Cold
Monarch Butterfly Egg
Early Sightings
Estela's Letter: Late-Season Reflections
This week, Estela describes how she and her community feel as the end of the monarch season approaches.
Letter from Estela
Spotlight: Spring Migration: A Journey Driven by Needs

When and where will monarchs travel to find what they need this spring? Invite family and friends to help track spring migration.

Spring Migration: A Journey Driven by Needs
Monarch Conservation: How You Can Help
How you can help monarch butterflies
How You Can Help How You Can Help Monarchs | ResourcesResources
Maps: Report Your Sightings
Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2014
What to Report First Adult
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report | map | list
Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map
First Egg
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First Larvae
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Other Observations
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