Mystery Class Update: March 15, 2013

The Longitude Clues are here! Sunrise on the equinox reveals clues about the longitude of Mystery sites.

This Week's Update Includes:

Video of the Week

Sunrise/Sunset Clues: Week #7

Mystery site data

Local data


Report to the Map!

Report Daylight
for 03/11/13
Longitude Clues: Sunrise on the Equinox


Sunrise on the Equinox
View animation as you work

Only on the equinox, locations at the same longitude experience sunrise at the same time. Students can estimate the longitude of each mystery site based on these key facts:

  • The Earth turns to the east as it rotates.
  • It spins 1 degree longitude every 4 minutes.
  • The time between sunrise at the Prime Meridian and sunrise at a mystery site on the equinox reveals approximate longitude.

Student Materials
Make one copy for locating each Mystery Class site.

Sunrise on the Equinox Table Longitude Clues Worksheet Map

Longitude Clues
Sunrise on the Equinox

Step-by-step guide

Plot east/west location

Sample Worksheets for Practice
Longitude Clues Worksheet Longitude Clues Worksheet Longitude Clues Worksheet
Sample A
West of Greenwich
Sample B
East of Greenwich
Sample C
Farther east of Greenwich
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