Countdown to Mystery Class: One Month to Go!

Does the moon have a daily cycle? Apply what you've learned about the causes of day and night on Earth as you sharpen your thinking skills for Mystery Class.

Mystery Class begins January 28, 2013. This is the final monthly "Countdown to Mystery Class" message to help you and your students get ready.


Image of the Month

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map
Night and Day?
How Can I Prepare Students? Track Changes in Day Length


  • Look up your data for January 1st
  • Report data (select "daylight").
  • View data on photoperiod map.


Report to the Map!

Activity: Exploring Words and Diagrams

Build suspense about Mystery Class by giving students a sneak peek at key concepts. Explore words and diagrams to find out what students know and are ready to learn about the Earth's daily and seasonal cycles.

Exploring Words and Diagrams
Just for Teachers: Helpful Links
The First Mystery Class update will be posted January 28, 2013.