Countdown to Mystery Class: Two Months to Go!

During Mystery Class, students will receive time clues from secret locations around the world. This month, explore local and Universal Time.

Mystery Class begins January 31, 2014
Next Countdown: January 1, 2013


Image of the Month

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What time is it?
How Can I Prepare Students? Track Changes in Day Length

Photoperiod is a central clue in Mystery Class. Build skills by reporting your photoperiod each month.

The solstice is coming!
Report photoperiod twice in December.

Report to the Map!

1. Report for December 1 and 22 (solstice)

2. Find your sunrise/sunset: Look-up

3. Calculate your day length (photoperiod).

4. Report your day length: Select "Daylight"

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map Photoperiod Map: Dates to Report Photoperiod Map: Guiding Questions
Map Dates to Report Guiding Questions
for Map Analysis
Spotight: Exploring Universal Time

During the Mystery Class Seasons Challenge, students will use Universal Time clues to estimate the longitude of secret locations. Use these resources to help students build key concepts and make connections.

Universal Time activities
Just for Teachers: Helpful Links
Mystery Class Participation Guide Mystery Class Participation Guide Mystery Class Participation Guide
How to Particpate
Teacher's Guide
Photoperiod Clues
Planning Packet #1
Time Clues
Planning Packet #2
Next Countdown January 1, 2013