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Puffin Chick with Parent

Nesting Season 2014

August 25: Numbers Increasing
There's been a fantastic increase in chicks fledging! Improved food supplies brought many adult Puffins back to nest after taking a year or two off. The colony at Eastern Egg Rock increased by a third from 111 pairs in 2013 to a record high of 148 nesting pairs in 2014! Visit the Loafing Ledge Cam to see the Puffins in action.

August 11: Puffling Pal has Fledged!

After six weeks of care from Phoebe and Finn, Pal fledged at about 4:00 a.m. on Friday, August 9th. He simply wondered off to sea on his own. Now he will fly, fish, sleep, and swim out on the open North Atlantic for the next two or three years before returning to land. Keep watching Pal's burrow to see if Phoebe and Finn continue to guard their home from intruding puffins.

July 29: Eating and Growing

Pal is one month old! The parents are taking turns feeding their young chick by carrying small fish back to the nest in their bills. Pal will stay in the burrow for about 45 days until it's able to fly, followed by 3-5 years in the open ocean as it reaches maturity.

July 6: Protecting Baby

Watch this video clip to see how the resident puffin deals with an intruder poking around the burrow to protect the baby chick.

June 28: Baby's Here
Finn and Phoebe's egg hatched after 43 days of incubation. The parents take turns bringing fish to feed their hungry baby named Pal.

June 5: Incubation Underway
Puffin parents, Finn and Phoebe, are taking turns incubating the egg. Incubation time is 39-43 days.

May 16: Single Egg Laid
Finn and Phoebe have returned to Seal Island for nesting season. At the back of the burrow, their nest is lined with grasses, seaweed, and feathers. A single egg was laid on May 16th.

Recap of 2013 Season

  • By May 26: Single egg laid
  • Incubation: 39-43 days
  • July 2: Egg Hatches
  • July 31: Eating and Growing
  • August 22: Hope Fledged

Atlantic Puffins spend most of their time at sea. They only come to land during the breeding season, from April to August. They nest inside burrows in colonies on northern seacoasts and rocky islands. The rest of the year, puffins are on the open ocean.

The Atlantic Puffin is the only species of puffin found on the Atlantic coast. Maine's Seal Island is home to about 500 of these colorful, pigeon-sized sea birds.

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