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The Great Horned Owl Nest
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Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl Nest Location
Charlo, Montana  

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Nesting Season 2014

April 22: Nest Abandoned
This morning a magpie was spotted making off with an egg – just a part of the circle of life. The female owl, affectionately called "Ms. Hoot" by viewers of the live cam, is confirmed to have left her nest as of this morning. At this point, it is unlikely that she will return to the nest. If a nest fails naturally it typically will happen during the incubation period. The Owl Research Institute speculates the eggs would not be hatching either because of lack of prey for mom and dad, harsh winter conditions, or a genetic mutation.


March 1: Nesting duties began
March 24: Eggs are laid
April 22: Magpie steals eggs; female abandons nest

A powerful and adaptable bird of prey, the Great Horned Owl has the most extensive range, the widest prey base and the most variable nesting sites of any American owl.

Great Horned Owls lay 1-4 eggs, but in this nest in Charlo, Montana, 2-3 eggs is most common. The eggs typically hatch about 2 days apart.

Great Horned Owl chicks will stay in the nest for the first several weeks. By June, at 7 weeks of age, the owlets will be capable of short flights. Fledglings remain with parents for most of the summer.

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