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November: Bison for the Viewing
The Plains Bison feeds primarily in the early morning and late afternoon, often ranging over several miles. Visit the live cam to see their thickening coats. An expert from Grasslands National Park explains:

"Bison develop thicker fur everywhere on their bodies, it is just thicker near the shoulders and neck, while the rest of the body is much like that of a cow."

Background Information
Enjoy the sights and sounds of the peaceful prairie near Val Marie, Sasketchewan, where a flourishing herd of nearly 200 bison roam the native prairie of Grasslands National Park.

Bison are North America's largest indigenous land mammal. A keystone species, these wooly herbivores helped shaped the ecology of the Great Plains today.

Though 80% of Canada's native prairie has been lost, Grasslands National Park has the most intact example of what remains. It's also the only place in Canada where you can see the Black-tailed Prairie Dog and the Black-footed Ferret in their native habitat.