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Beluga Whales
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Beluga Whale

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Video Clips Include:
Baby Beluga
Beluga Zen Den
Arctic Sea
Arctic Still Story

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Churchill River Estuary
Over 3,000 beluga whales migrate each summer to their spawning grounds in the Churchill River Estuary in Manitoba, Canada. In the cool waters leading into Hudson Bay they give birth to their calves and feed on plentiful capelin.

Life Span: 35-50 years
Length: 5 meters (15 feet)
Weight: 600 kg (1,500 lbs),
(Females are smaller)
Habitat: arctic and subarctic water (freshwater and sea water)
Characteristics: toothed whales, one of smallest whales, large rounded foreheads adapted for sonar

These small whales migrate up and down the river each day in the summer as the tide changes from low to high. When winter approaches they migrate north into the open bay. They travel in large groups called pods.

How do belugas respond to seasonal change? The images and videos are your springboard to research and discovery.


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