Hummingbird News: April 2, 2014
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With the calendar turning to April, the migration is in full swing. Watch the maps and get your feeders ready. Image of the Week
Nectaring in CA
Males on the Move
Photo: Jack Moskovita
News: Migrations Advancing
The first rufous hummingbirds reached Alaska this week! Meanwhile, rubythroat migration is showing a steady advance with recent sightings in Oklahoma and Virginia.

"First sighting 8:37am today, a male. Second sighting came 10 minutes later, a female. Arrived a bit late this year."
03/29/14 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Early, Late, or On Time?
Hummingbird migration patterns are remarkably similar from year to year. Even though this winter and spring have been coldest on record, this year's migration is similar to those in previous years.

Feeders up?
A common question is "When should I put up my feeder?" With good weather hummingbirds can travel about 25 miles a day. Watch the maps and put your feeder out a week before you think they'll arrive.

"We've had our feeders out for about a week. Male rufous arrived about 10am on the east side of the Washington Cascade mountains about 30 miles east of Chinook Pass. "
03/30/14 Whistlin Jacks, Washington

Nectaring in CA
Now in Alaska
Photo: John Doerper

Remarkably Similar
Explore: Feeder Tips
Each year during migration, readers are concerned about when to put feeders up, what to do about cold nights, and how to make the best sugar solution. feeder
Predict: When Will Hummers Arrive?
So far rubythroats have been reported in 12 states, and a rufous has been sighted in Alaska. With the calendar turning to April the migration is in full swing. Predict when your first hummingbird will arrive this spring.

Prediction Chart
Maps: Tracking Migration
Robin Migration: What to Report

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