Hummingbird News: March 19, 2014
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Rufous hummingbirds crossed into Canada this week while ruby-throats are just beginning to move northward. Image of the Week
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Photo: Sarah Mayhew
News: Males First
Most first sightings are male hummingbirds on their way to claim territory. Females usually arrive a week or two later when more flower nectar and bugs are likely to be available. This adaptation saves her energy for nesting.

Blackwell, Texas
"Just saw our first hummingbird today at about 1:30 p.m. It looked like a male but it was too zippy to tell. Welcome back lil hummer!" 03/18/14

Ringgold, Louisiana
"Ruby-throated male sat on feeder and fed intermittently, then left. He was back 45 minutes later and fed again. Left and headed in a northerly direction." 03/17/14

Ashburn, Georgia
"I saw 2 or 3 rubythroats, 2 of which were confirmed adult males." 03/14/14

Aggressive behavior is usually displayed by rufous hummingbirds when they move into territories where Anna's have overwintered. The displays can be fierce.

"I've had several hummers for the past few weeks in addition to the Anna's that spent winter here. Three of them were vying for space at the feeder. One spread its tail feathers in an aggressive display, and I saw a color that clearly told me I was looking at a rufous."
SeaTec, Washington 03/14/14

"We have our first hummer war from the remaining over-wintering sub-adult rufous trying to knock rubies off the feeder."
Houston, Texas 03/15/14

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Males First
Photo: Donald Troha
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Photo: earth.nullschool
icey feeder
Photo: Angie Dean
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Slideshow: Why Do Rufous Seem Far Ahead?
How can rufous hummingbirds be entering Canada when rubythroats are still gathered in the southern United States? Are the rufous hummers faster or more eager?


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