Hummingbird News: February 26, 2014
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The first migrating ruby-throated hummingbirds have arrived in Gulf Coast states. This week, explore the migration route and think about how prevailing winds affect migration.

Image of the Week
by land or by sea?
By Land or By Sea
Photo: Russ Thompson
News: Migration Begins!
Just like clockwork, the first migrating ruby-throated hummingbirds showed up in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida last week. Stay warm little migrants, polar vortex conditions will bring temperatures down to the 30's along the Gulf Coast mid-week.

First Arrivals?

Florida: "Adult male rubythroat visiting feeder. Observed with binoculars and spotting scope."
Gulf Breeze, Florida 02/21/14

Texas: "This afternoon my son Matt saw a hummingbird flying around our neighbors back yard. I've got my sugar water made and the feeder will be out in the morning before they get up!"
Irving, Texas 02/22/14

Washington: "First rufous sighting for 2014. Male at my feeder." Blane, Washington 02/17/14

Winter Sightings

Texas: "For the first time my hummers have stayed for the winter. They've been here every day since December. I guess they missed their flight!"
Sante Fe, Texas 02/22/14

California: "All of a sudden instead of 2 or 3 hummers, I now have about 20 a day. They finished off 2 full feeders yesterday, so I put up 5 today. They are fighting each other off even though there is plenty for all." Rough and Ready, CA 02/22/14

humm in NJ
Feeders Up!
Photo: Beverly Logan
humm in NJ
All Fluffed Up
Photo: john Doerper
early December, Alexander City, AL
Hardy Rufous
Photo: Susan Swenson
Slideshow: An Amazing Rubythroat Journey
As ruby-throated hummingbirds arrive on U.S. shores from their wintering grounds, they usually appear first in the Gulf coast states. Explore the amazing journey.
journal page
journal page
Explore: Real-Time Wind
Wind is a critical factor during hummingbird migration. A rubythroat's 500-mile journey across the Gulf of Mexico would be nearly impossible without a tailwind, and dangerous with a headwind. Throughout the spring season, wind speed and direction will affect migrating hummingbirds, so keep an eye on the map.

Imagine you are a hummingbird migrating to your breeding grounds as you explore this real-time global wind animation:

humm in NJ
Global Winds
Maps: Tracking Migration
Robin Migration: What to Report

Hummingbird Migration Map: Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hummingbird Migration Map: Rufous Hummingbird
What to Report Ruby-throated
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Other Species
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Other Observations
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