Hummingbird News: February 19, 2014
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What flying jewels can be seen right now along the Pacific Coast region? Follow along on a trip to tropical Costa Rica where rubythroats go during the cold northern winter.

Image of the Week

humm in NJ
Flying Jewels
Photo: John Doerper

News: Winter Sightings
Although the migrations have not yet begun, some observers continue to have winter hummingbirds at their feeders. Here's a sampling of winter sightings shared this week.

  • Utah: "We have had several male and female adult Anna's at our feeders almost every day. In addition, we have an adult male Costa's. They have been here all winter." from Carla in Ivins 02/15/14

  • British Columbia: "Anna's have been here all winter again. I've seen both male and female at the feeder." from Linda in Denman Island 02/07/14

  • Texas: "The male rufous who's been here since August 11th is still here. He has made it through rain, sleet and a touch of snow. I have never had a wintering rufous before." from Paula in Houston 02/16/14

  • Georgia: "I've had one rubythroat overwintering here, but on February 12th, a second one arrived! Not sure if she is a traveling bird or one of my spring/summer birds that has come home early." from Stacey in Woodbine 02/13/14


Looking Ahead
Last spring the rubythroat migration began with sightings along the Gulf Coast the first week in March. When do you predict the migration will begin this year?


early December, Alexander City, AL
British Columbia Anna's
Photo: Chuck Dunn
humm in NJ
New Arrivals?
Photo: Beverly Logan
humm in NJ
Mystery Solved
Photo: john Doerper
Slideshow: Rufous and Ruby-Throated
Can you accurately identify rufous and ruby-throated hummingbirds?
Meet Rufous and Ruby
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Compare | Contrast
journal page

Explore: Costa Rica Field Study
Last November Bill Hilton lead a group of citizen scientists on a ruby-throated hummingbird study trip to Costa Rica. Long-time Journey North contributor, Leslie Bergum shares the experience through her camera lens. Learn about their expedition.

male Jacobin hummer
Costa Rica
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