Hummingbird News: February 5, 2014
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Report Your Sightings
Welcome to our 21st season! While we wait for the start of the spring migration, watch the maps for sightings reported during this in-between season.

Image of the Week
humm in NJ
Winter Birds
Photo: Kenneth Drake
News: Winter Sightings
All hummingbirds do not go to Central America in the winter. Hummingbird sightings have been reported this winter along coastal states and as far north as Maryland and into Washington state.

Why Stay for Winter?
We asked our hummingbird expert, Lanny Chambers, why we're seeing hummers when they should be down in Central America for winter. He suggests these birds may either be too old or sick to migrate with the rest, or they are young birds from late-season nests that are too young, or not fat enough to migrate.

Cold Temps
Amazed observers discover how tough some of these little birds are during a colder than normal winter season.

Heat's On
It takes dedication and imagination to keep feeders from freezing in cold temperatures. Extra efforts are keeping these winter guests alive.

early December, Alexander City, AL
Cold Temps
Photo: Ronnie Sherrill
humm in NJ
Heat's On
Photo: RM Tucker
Journal: Fifteen Species
There are over 300 different species of hummingbirds in the world. Explore the photos of fifteen species that are commonly found in the U.S. and Canada. Use species data to create a distribution map and get ready to track this year's spring migration. Students Receive Symbolic Monarchs in Mexico
Fifteen Species
Maps: Report Your Sightings
Robin Migration: What to Report

Hummingbird Migration Map: Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hummingbird Migration Map: Rufous Hummingbird
What to Report Ruby-throated
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map |list
tnail of other species map nectar map Hummingbird Migration Map: Other Species
Other Species
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map | list
Other Observations
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