Hummingbird Update: June 5, 2013
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Tiny rubythroated hummingbirds, four inches in length, have arrived at the northernmost boundary of their breeding grounds, about 3,700 miles from Costa Rica!

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Image of the Week
male defender
Photo: John Doerper
Rufous Portraits
News: Reaching the End
What's Happening Now
Migration is almost complete for the hummingbirds that travel the farthest each spring. Enjoy watching the map animation for spring 2013.

Rufous News
Alaska-bound rufous have been sighted this week.

  • One pair of birds has traveled over 4,700 miles from Costa Rica to Eagle River, Alaska. "Saw a pair at my feeder today," reported Diana. 05/30/13
  • "Noted two tan-colored hummingbirds in our Bottlebrush tree. They are attracted to the red brush flowers on the tree." Santa Monica, California 05/29/13

Ruby-throat News
Relief and excitement expressed as many observed first hummingbirds of the spring as much as 2 weeks later than usual. Nectar feeders are great food sources for hungry hummers, but don't forget to landscape with flowering plant materials.

  • "WOW! I just returned home from the garden center with pink foxglove, took them out of the truck and set them on the ground near the garden and was stopped dead in my tracks by a gorgeous male hummer who whizzed right in to have a sip of nectar from the new arrivals." Cambridge, Ontario 06/03/13
  • "Feeding on sugar water feeders and immediately fed on the nectar of the native columbine I planted just 5 minutes ago." Cambridge, Ontario 06/02/13
  • "It was so tiny! About as fast as a bee!"Ontario 06/03/13
animation map
Spring Migrations
first ruby in NH
Photo: Paul Specht
First Ruby
Photo: Leigh-Anne Curley

Maps: Migration Animation
Hundreds of citizen scientists make it possible to "watch" hummingbirds make progress during the spring journey to their breeding grounds. As we approach the end of the migration season be sure to watch the migration animations.
ruby map rufous map other hummers map
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
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