Hummingbird Update: May 29, 2013
Please Report
Your Sightings!
Report Your Sightings
Many observers have now seen their "firsts." Be sure to report your first. Whenever you see it please let us know!

This Update Includes:

Image of the Week
swarm of hummers
Photo: Elizabeth Fraser
Spring Snow
News: Sightings Continue
What's Happening Now
The first hummingbirds have arrived at the end of the trail. This week observers reported their first rubythroats and rufous hummingbirds from Prince Edward Island to Alaska.

Rufous News
Rufous have made their way up to Valdez, Alaska.

  • This week brought a cruise ship sighting. "Our ship was sailing in Glacier Bay, when a few small birds buzzed within a foot of my face. The Park Ranger confirmed they were rufous and they're in the area feeding on blueberry blossoms." 05/19/13
  • A rufous sighted in Massachusetts: "First time I've ever seen one. Thought it was a wren drinking from the feeder!" Fiskdale, MA 05/20/13

Ruby-throat News
Rain and storms across the continent last week caught many hummers without much shelter.

  • Seeking a feeder sheltered from the rain in Tinley Park, Illinois. 05/22/13
  • "That's not a gorget, it's the red scarf he put on anticipating the weather to come," wrote Leslie as the snow storm began in the New Hampshire foothills last weekend. Carroll, New Hampshire 05/25/13

Report Your "First" Sighting
No matter when you see your first hummingbird of 2013, we want to know about it. Maps will be updated through June.

flower nectar
Photo: Barbara Burgess
First Rufous
flower nectar
Photo: Leslie Bergum
Red Scarf
Illinois hummer in the rain
Photo: Connie Volante
Rain Shelter

Maps: Migration Animation
Hundreds of citizen scientists make it possible to "watch" hummingbirds make progress during the spring journey to their breeding grounds. As we approach the end of the migration season be sure to watch the migration animations.
ruby map rufous map other hummers map
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
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