Hummingbird Update: May 22, 2013
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Almost to the end of their journey, it's about the females and nest building now.

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Image of the Week
baby hummer
Photo: Laura Erickson
The Art of Building
News: Reaching the End
What's Happening Now
Many observers in the north are commenting how late their first hummingbirds are arriving. When they arrive they get down to business.
  • In Michigan: "This was about 9 days later than last year." Lansing 05/18/13
  • In Quebec: "A male came in today (the latest date in 7 years)." Sherbrooke 05/16/13

Rufous News
Rufous are spreading far and wide into the corners of their breeding territory now.

  • From Tacoma, "Female rufous still hanging around, no males yet. Males usually show up toward the end of May or early June the past four years. I'm waiting..." Washington 05/17/13
  • From Calgary, "Saw a Rufous hummingbird flitting around pussy willows in a stream bed near the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel." Alberta 05/18/13

Ruby-throat News
It is all about the females now. Some observers are watching females showing nesting behaviors, others report birds stopping briefly while journeying north.

  • "I think it may be the same female sighted two weeks ago going to Hamelia hummingbird trees. We had one female rubythroat nesting a couple of years ago in the magnolia tree next door when there was a mild winter" writes Beverly. Houston, TX 05/20/13
  • "She sat a long while and drank freely, before taking off. I assume she was in migration." Red Hook, NY 05/18/13

What's Happening Next
Watch female hummingbirds for behavior that might signal nest building or nestling feeding. Females in the south could be starting their second round of nesting.

flower nectar
Photo: Jack Moskovita
Tacoma, Washington
flower nectar
Photo: Tim Liang
Ida, Michigan
female ruby
Photo: Rachel Leeman
Waterville, Nova Scotia
male defender
Photo: Anna Mlokzinski
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

Explore: Nest Building...Capture the Wonder
Laura Erickson's gallery of photos beautifully capture the wonder of nest-building. What words would you use to describe what the images reveal? Write a poem that celebrates the wonder of hummingbird nest building. gallery of photos
Maps: Migration Status
Soon our rubythroats will reach the end of their journeys. In this week's journal write a poem that celebrates the wonder of nest building.
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