Hummingbird Update: May 8, 2013
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Have your hummingbirds arrived? Are you seeing signs of breeding and nesting behavior?

This Update Includes:

Image of the Week
in the tiny nest
Photo: Dorothy Edgington
So Tiny
News: Breeding Season Begins
What's Happening Now
After a long cold winter, some hummingbirds have arrived on their breeding grounds.

  • "We've had an extremely cold spring this year in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Put my hummingbird feeder out two weeks later than usual." Wallace 05/05/13
  • "First ruby today. On May 2nd, we had a snowstorm, so this little fella was a welcomed sight!" Eau Claire, Wisconsin 05/06/13
  • "First male rubythroat and baltimore oriole arrived during the same time this week. Both come to our porch for nectar." Shallow Lake, Ontario 05/05/13

Rufous News
Rufous continue to move east into Montana and the British Columbia interior this week.

  • "Snow last Sunday and a hummingbird this Sunday!" Polson, Montana 05/05/13
  • "Out raking in the yard and heard that familiar hummer sound. I looked up at my feeder on deck and there was a very hungry male rufous feeding." Fernie, British Columbia 04/28/13

Ruby-throat News
Are your rubies moving through or staying around? Their behavior at the feeder can help you predict.

  • First male sighted in Sanford, Michigan, and continued to travel. "Residents always perch, rest, preen, eat, and stay. Residents generally arrive between May 6th and 8th." 05/05/13
  • An observer in Indianapolis: "...the females are easy to photograph but the males are harder." Why do you think she finds females to be easier to photograph than males? 05/02/13

What's Happening Next
Rufous are still waiting for warmer temperatures before moving into Southcentral Alaska. Rubythroats are continuing north. Watch for first sightings to come out of Manitoba, Canada soon.

female rufous
Photo: Jack Moskovita
Will She Stay?
oriole and hummer at feeder
Photo: Peter Connolly
Male ruby at feeder
Photo: Janet Kennedy
Smallest Breeding Bird
pulmonaria flower
Photo: Wikipedia
Native Fuel

Slideshow: A Hummingbird Nest
A female hummingbird has been busy collecting soft and strong materials for her nest. Now she is about to lay tiny, jellybean-sized eggs in her nest. You're invited to peek inside the nest and welcome the nestlings into the world. Study each photograph and describe what you see happening.
Maps: Migration Status
A backup of rubythroat sightings means that many spotters in the mid section of the range should start to see nest building and brooding behaviors. How does this spring compare to last spring's migration? Compare them in week's journal.
ruby map rufous map other hummers map
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
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