Hummingbird Update: April 24, 2013
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Despite continued cold temperatures, hummingbird migrations continue to push northward with sightings in Alaska and Maine this week.

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Image of the Week
ruby female nectaring on flowers
Photo: Debra Hopkins
Males First
News: Migration Continues in the Cold
What's Happening Now
Below normal temperatures continued this past week. Ruby-throats made a slow push into more northern states and provinces along the Atlantic coast. Despite wintery weather in the mid continent, hummers continued their migration.

Mary Lou in Pittsburg, Kansas reported her first rubythroat on Earth Day. "So happy to have them back! Now, if the freezing temps would just give up! We have another couple of 32 degree mornings coming up this week!" 04/22/13

Bonnie in Conifer, Colorado spotted her first, probably a broad-tailed, in the snowy landscape. "Hope the snow doesn't hurt them! Nectar in the feeder is freezing." 04/21/13

Rufous News
Migration is right on track this year.

  • From northeast Washington, "Cool and sunny morning. The little bronze boy was fighting with a calliope over a feeder. Plenty of feeders up but he has to have them all!" 04/23/13
  • "One rufous in a herd of rubies," reported Ed in Mississippi. "We saw one with an orange throat, it must be a rufous!" 04/20/13 Oxford, MS

Ruby-throat News
Rubies reported this week along the northeast coast as far north as in Maine and Nova Scotia.

"Sitting eating lunch when he came to the feeder. We ate together. First boy back from his Carribean vacation!" 04//22/13 Charleston, RI

What's Happening Next
South winds and warm temperatures are predicted by the end of the week. Get your feeders ready!

weather map
Photo: Weather Channel
Wintery Weather
flowering current
Photo: Sharon Forney
Hardy Rufous
cat at the window
Photo: Laura Erickson
Keep Cats Indoors

Spotlight: Wings of Life
The new film, Wings of Life, presents an up-close view of the crucial partnership between flowers and pollinators. The slow-motion and time-lapse photography is spectacular! Inspire students to explore the intricate world of pollen and pollinators.

Wings of Life Educator's Guide
Maps: Migration Status
Rubythroat hummingbird migration continues at a slow pace in the colder than average temperatures. In this week's journal, explore the rufous hummingbird range distribution map and predict how much further the birds will travel to reach their breeding grounds.
ruby map rufous map other hummers map
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
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