Hummingbird Update: April 17, 2013
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Rubythroats holding steady this week as wind and weather continue to slow down their northward migration. As hummingbirds return to their breeding grounds there are important things to do.

This Update Includes:

Image of the Week
hummer antics
Photo: Russ Thompson
Defending Territory
News: Migration
Just like clockwork, rufous migration began moving eastward toward the continent interior this week. Another cool week slows rubythroat migration in the south. Soon territory defending will begin.

Rufous Moving Eastward
The migration moves up the coast first, where temperatures are warmer in the springtime. Notice hummers have already arrived in Alaska at latitude 58 N. Now they're beginning to move inland and into the Rocky Mountain region. Gary, in Potlatch, Idaho snapped a photo of one in the yard.04/14/13

Rufous in British Columbia Interior
Rufous seem to be following the nectar trail in their migration in the northeast. "I was sitting on my balcony when I looked down at our Flowering Almond and saw a female rufous hummingbird relaxing on a branch," reports Tanya in Peachtree. 04/15/13

Go Hummingbirds!
In Virginia, hummingbird sighters are ecstatic: "Woo Hoo! I put out my first feeder last week as I observed the hummers getting closer on the map. Today I had my first male ruby visitor," reported Jessica in King George. 04/14/13

Ready in Virginia
"I've had two feeders up since April 6, in anticipation of their return. We actually sighted the first one of the year, on April 9," reported Sue in Carrolton.

Migrants Moving Through Florida
The migration continues. "Banded a ruby-throat this week," reports bird-bander Meret Wilson. 04/14/13

Other Sighting News
Black-chinned hummers reported returning this week in New Mexico. "After a long cold winter, our first black-chinned hummingbird is here! Looks like a young male. I put the feeder out on April 14th, just in time!" reported Leslie in Edgewood. 04/16/13

rufous in
Photo: Gary Brown
Rufous Moving Eastward
Coming in for landing
Photo: Tanya Simpson
Rufous in British Columbia Interior
Showy male
.Photo: Sue Mohrmann
Ready in Virginia
Florida rubythroat
Photo: Meret Wilson
Migrants Moving Through Florida

Slideshow: Hummingbirds Spring Into Action
When hummingbirds return to their breeding grounds in the spring, there are important things to do. Male hummers arrive first to claim and defend a territory. When females arrive, courtship begins. Everything leads to nesting and breeding.
slide show
Maps: Who's Seeing Hummers?
Rubythroats holding steady this week as wind and weather continue to inhibit them in their northward migration. In this week's journal compare this week's rubythroat sightings locations with a temperature map.
ruby map rufous map other hummers map
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
Male and Female Rubythroat male and female rufous collage
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