Hummingbird Update: March 27, 2013
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A cold week in the continent's mid-section kept ruby-throated hummingbirds clustered in southern states. Today's maps reveal a connection between temperature and migration.

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Image of the Week
hummingbird at sprinker
Photo: Diane Rado
A Refreshing Sight!
News: First Sightings
Despite cold temperatures, nearly 100 hummingbird sightings were reported this past week:

Male Rufous in Washington
"A male rufous has been dropping by for about a week. I was able to get my first photo of the season." 03/20/13

Male Rufous in British Columbia
"Our first rufous of the year is visiting the feeder now. There are some flowering plants in the garden that I'm sure he will like, too." 03/22/13

Hummers in Georgia
Marilyn from McDonough reported, "There is a holly bush next to the feeder. I always clear a few branches of leaves, so hummers can sit in it and be protected." 03/25/13

Hummers in the Snow
An observer in Washington woke up to 4 inches of snow and and reported, "When I cleared off the feeder, here was a tiny rufous chasing away a male anna's!" 03/22/13

Other Hummingbird Sightings
Many black-chinned hummingbird reports this week in Texas from Killeen, Temple, Fort Davis, and San Antonio.

Rufous hummingbird
Photo: John Doerper
First Sighting
snowy rufous
Photo: Sharon Forney
In the Snow
black-chinned hummingbird
Photo: Eric Runfeldt

Explore: Amazing Flyers
A hummingbird can zip backward, forward, sideways, and upside down. It can even hover in mid-air to sip nectar from flowers and feeders! Few other birds can do any of these things. What is its secret?
hummer flying machine
Credit: Martin Dollencamp
Amazing Flyers
Maps: Who's Seeing Hummingbirds?
A cold week in the continent's mid-section kept ruby-throated hummingbird sightings clustered in the southern states. Describe the connection between temperature and migration in today's journal. journal page
ruby map ruby map ruby map
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
Male and Female Rubythroat male and female rufous collage
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