Migration Update: November 1, 2013
By Jane Duden
Please Report
Your Sightings!

Fewer than 100 new sighting reports signals the end of migration is near. Stragglers, however, were reported in 23 states and 4 provinces, with a late male Rubythroat setting a record in Quebec. Keep feeders up!

Week #11: Still seeing hummingbirds?
Please CONTINUE TO report sightings weekly. Tracking continues through fall and winter to document where hummingbirds are present.

This is our final full news report until February, 2014, but watch for occasional reminders to report observations. Thank you for contributing!

Migration Map
Hummingbird fall sightings
Animation | Live Map
Highlights from the Migration Trail
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Rufous Hummingbird, perched and fluffed

Anna's Hummingbird in British Columbia Oct. 29

Sue Warden
Record-Breaking Male
Still in Quebec!
Rebecca Choate
Ways of the Rufous
How Long Will They Stay?

Tania Simpson
Western Sightings

What Are They Seeing?

Uniidentified hummingbird in Florida Sign on hummingird feeder: Gone South for Winter!
Mary Boston
Staying or Going?
Guessing About Newcomers
Roxy Willems
Stragglers Still Here
Latest Ever!
Michael Martin
Farewell Until Spring!
Gone but Not Forgotten
Explore: Good Hummer Habitat

By the end of fall migration, hummingbirds have funneled into a relatively small region for the winter. As you compare landmass, realize why conservation of winter habitat is so important. Hummingbirds that visited your feeders or flowers during the breeding season or migration need protected habitat all along their journey, and at both ends too. Plant flowers now for next spring's hummers.

Where are your hummingbirds going for winter?

Range map for comparison of landmass of breeding grounds and wintering grounds

Please continue to report hummingbird sightings.


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