Migration Update: October 4, 2013
By Jane Duden
Please Report
Your Sightings!

Early October sightings dipped 30 percent after September's peak numbers. Texas again led in number of reports and largest sightings, while all observers noted migration pig-out, this week's topic!

Week #7: Still seeing hummingbirds?
Please report sightings weekly. The goal of our map is to show where hummingbirds are present.
Your photos are welcome too!

Migration Map
Hummingbird fall sightings
Animation | Live Map
Highlights from the Migration Trail
Hungry hummingbirds swarm around feeder. Young Ruby-throated Hummingbird named "Deuce"

Male Anna's Hummingbird

Tom Stehn
Feeding Frenzies
Video Clip
Crystal Rogers
Why That Name?

John Doerper
Male Anna's
Hummer Species Feeding

Hummingbirds at feeder Hummingbird at blossoms Ruby-throated Hummingbird landing on feeder
Kenneth Drake
Tanking Up
Feeder Wars Continue
Bernice Ziniewicz
Finding Flowers
What Kinds?
T.J. Wallace
Where's the Meat?
Sugar's Not Enough
Explore: Food Means Survival

What's the reason for hummer feeding frenzies at this time of year? Why is fat the ideal migration fuel? Can you tell which hummingbirds are fatter?

Why is fat the ideal fuel for migration?

Fluffed-up hummingbird
Julia Mast
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