Migration Update: September 6, 2013
By Jane Duden
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We have our first report of a Rubythroat in Mexico! Many places in the U.S. and Canada are still seeing both males and females, but fewer males in the north than last week. Observers share tips to help hummers along!

Still seeing hummingbirds?
Please report sightings weekly. The goal of our map is to show where hummingbirds are present.
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Migration Map
Hummingbird fall sightings
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Highlights from the Migration Trail
Clean nectar in a clean feeder is best for hummingbirds. Immature male Rufous feeding from Turk's Cap, Hamelia, and feeder Cold hummingbirds with fluffed feathers
Scott Brega
Keep Feeders Fresh
Clear and Clean
Nancy and Joe Long
Keep Feeders Up
Stragglers Need Them

Ziska Childs
Warm It Up
Beware Cold Nights

Male Rubythroated Hummingbird Hummingbird sits on rescuer's hand Male Rubythroated Humminbird in Victoria, TAM, Mexico
Laura Erickson
Keep Track
Last Male
Linda Barrasso
Use Care
Arnulfo Moreno
Rubythroat in Mexico!
Fueling to Continue
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What is the annual cycle of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird?


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