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Angela Salazar teaches Spanish at Prairie Hills Elementary in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where students created this life-size gray whale. Ms. Salazar wrote:

"The kids were stunned at the sheer size of the whale and also by the fact that they can carry so much weight in barnacles. They loved seeing pictures and reading articles on Journey North's site. They know that la ballena gris is a gray whale and that the babies are born in lagunas in Baja.

"Our Art teacher, Suzanne Favier, is gifted in grid enlargement and basically drew the whale portions at a time. The kids used butcher paper, cut in individual sections, and put the whale together at our Artists and Authors Night. We had a lot of parents visiting our whale.

"Last January I went to Monterrey, CA to see the whales. I saw a real piece of baleen and was able to describe it to the kids. They worked hard in a cloud of chalk to give it color and life."

Draw your own life-size gray whale with Journey North's directions!

Images: Angela Salazar
Life-size gray whale made by students in

Students with life-size whale art