Journey North News: Spring 2012

Posted Wednesdays: Feb. 1, 15, 29, March 14, 28, April 11, 25, May 9.

migrating gray whale calf FINAL Gray Whale Migration Update: May 9, 2012 
The 2012 spring migration will be a tough act to follow. Records have been set and smashed. More than 200 gray whale mom/calf pairs are on the journey north in a migration season that has been truly monumental. Thanks for joining us. Go, whales!
Photo Michael H. Smith
Gray whale bubble print Gray Whale Migration Update: April 25, 2012 
The cow-calf phase of the migration is now a steady parade. Post #8 reported the biggest single-day count since 2004! Varvara's tag is still transmitting; where is she now? Fourth graders share their photo essay to showcase just how BIG these gray whales are. Did you know that whales blow bubbles?
Photo Caroline Armon
Gray whale mother and baby pass close by Pt. Piedras Blancas, CA. Gray Whale Migration Update: April 11, 2012 
Migrating gray whales are plowing north from Mexico to Alaska! Cow/Calf sightings bring cheers in California, while Kodiak and Seward observers celebrate the returning adults. How easy is it to spot a calf? Our new slideshow is a glimpse. Send your questions to the Gray Whale Expert by April 13.
Photo Wayne Perryman
This juvenile's flukes were entangled in a fishnet until it was set free by rescuers. Gray Whale Migration Update: March 28, 2012 
The parade of northbound Eschrichtius robustus is in full swing. Whales in the lead are now passing Canada's Vancouver. The satellite-tagged whale Varvara is one of them! In California, high daily counts indicate phase one is peaking. Moms and babies will be next, as phase two gets underway. Got questions? Ask the Expert opens Friday!
Baby gray whale's open mouth showing baleen and tongue Gray Whale Migration Update: March 14, 2012 
In a whale of a week, large pulses of northbound gray whales swelled the counts. The first mother/calf pairs are makiing their way up the California coast and the first whales have reached Washington. Hear what this baby whale likes, and see why 19 whales were tagged in Mexico last week.
Photo Christopher Match, BajaEcotours
Baby gray whale's face Gray Whale Migration Update: February 29, 2012 
Here they come! The number of whale sightings has increased and most are heading north. Still, the buzz now is all about the babies. Our new puzzle and article reveal why the young calves are tons of fun. Meet a whale called Varvara and find out why she's so special.
Photo Orca Network
Poster from film Big Miracle Gray Whale Migration Update: February 15, 2012 
Whales are still arriving in Mexico, but northbound sightings have begun. in the two-way whale traffic near Los Angeles, more northbound whales than southbound were counted for the first time on Feb. 10. This week's slideshow offers a glimpse into their mysterious world as we explore what gray whales can teach us about survival. Delve into a real-life migration rescue tale and see why gray whales themselves are Big Miracles!
Young gray whale swims near the ocean floor. Gray Whale Migration Update: February 1, 2012 
Pacific gray whales are still southbound and, with record sightings, it looks like a bonanza year! At the end of the migration trail, baby whales are being born. This week's focus is those cut and curious one-ton babies. Soon their journey north will begin. Welcome to the monumental migration!
Baby gray whale

Welcome and Orientation 
In December, gray whales began arriving in the birthing lagoons of Mexico's Baja California coast. They migrated past the Pacific Coast in record-brekaing numbers! As we begin our reports in February, more whales will still be heading south than north, but that will change! Last spring was a good year after two years of lower counts; will the upward trend continue? Join us here on Feb. 1 for a new season of discoveries!
Photo Keith Jones