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Gray whale migration: aerial view

Spring 2015: January - June
Month-by-month: Follow the whales' northward migration from nursery lagoons in Mexico to feeding grounds in the Arctic.
Daily Counts: From February to May, two research teams share data from the California coast, as northbound whales pass.

Photo: Kate Wynne

Sign from final day for Gray Whales Count

2015 Northbound Summary
Record numbers of gray whales have completed or are in the final stretch of their spring migration!See how the experts sum up the season!

Photo: Michael H. Smith


Gray whales head north past ACS/LA

May 20: Breaking Records!
Gray whale moms and calves migrating past California are breaking records; see comments from enthusiastic scientists.

Photo: Alisa Schulman-Janiger


Mother gray whale and her calf head north

May 3: Northbound Moms and Babies!
Mthers and their babies are well underway! Calf counts likely peaked last week, and their numbers should slowly decrease over the next few weeks. /jnorth/images/graphics/gwhale/

Photo: Gregg Gentry

Baby gray whale on first northward migration

April 22: More Moms and Babies
We are firmly into the northbound migration of moms and calves! Numbers should continue to rise; when will they peak?

Photo: Gregg Gentry

Researachers studying whales launch a drone called a hexicopter.

April 13: Drones on Duty
A small drone called a hexicopter will help scientists photograph and study the northbound moms and babies as they migrate up the Central California Coast. Find out why!

Photo: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Gray whale fluking as it passes Pt Vicente, CA

April 6: Between Phases
The big push of northbound moms with calves is stil ahead, and now we're in a lull in a season that still shows amazing numbers.


Photo: Alisa Schulman-Janiger

Gray whale mother and calf on migration

March 22: Peaking Numbers
Last week's counts were nearly four times those at this time last season at ACS/Los Angeles as the first pulse (non-calves) of northbound whales reaches the peak.

Photo: Alisa Schulman-Janiger

gray whale baby

March 8: First Northbound Babies!
March 3 brought an early first mom/baby pair past the ACS/LA. "What a phenomenal gray whale season in southern California!" exclaims researcher Alisa-Schuman-Janiger.

Photo: Michael H. Smith

Migrating gray whales

February 16: Track the Turnaround!
When will the count of northbound whales exceed those going south in February's two-way traffic? Keep track with the data!


Photo: Alisa Schulman-Janiger

Larger-than-usual group of migrating gray whales

February 2: Setting Records?
It's shaping up to be a record-setting season as the whales' journey north gets underway!

Photo: Alisa Schulman-Janiger

Tourists watch baby gray whale in San Ignacio Lagoon.

January 2015
During January, southbound gray whales are courting and mating along the migration route. Many of the migrants reach the warm lagoons of Mexico.

Photo: Keith Jones

Gray Whale spyhopping Archived Seasons
Explore previous migration seasons:

Photo: Adrienne DeLiso

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