Spring 2014
Crane chick looking at ultralight aircraft

Baby Cranes in Training
June 2, 2014

Eight fast-growing baby chicks in the ultralight-led Class of 2014 have begun training! These June links will keep you current as summer begins.

Week-old crane chicks with parents

More Chicks!
May 19, 2014

Five Wisconsin whooper pairs have hatched eight new chicks as of May 16, and another 13 pairs are incubating. It looks like a promising nesting season for the new flock!

Nesting pair with newly hatched chick

Season's First Chick!
May 12, 2014

A pair of Wisconsin Whooping Cranes hatched the season's first chick in the eastern flock on May 8!

Whooping crane uses her bill to turn the  egg in her nest.

Nesting Season
May 2, 2014

Wisconsin cranes have built 22 nests so far, while cranes of the main flock are just reaching the nesting grounds of Canada's far north. See why crane parents have much to do during the short northern summers!

Crane's #2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 at White River Marsh, WI on April 19, completing their first northward migration.

Migration Complete!
April 20, 2014

Six young Whooping Cranes completed migration right back to their training strip at White River Marsh on April 19! What's next for the young birds as wild, free cranes?

Dancing cranes

Choosing a Mate
April 14, 2014

Members of this endangered species usually mate for life. With so few cranes to pick from, how do they choose?

Class of 2013 just before they departed the wintering grounds on first migration north

Migration Begins!
April 1, 2014

The eight young cranes led by ultralight planes to Florida last fall departed March 31 for their first journey north!

Baby alligator is trapped and removed from Whooping Crane pen in FloridaImage: Operation Migration

Crane-Kids Get Unwelcome Visitor
March 10, 2014

The eight young cranes at St. Marks NWR in Florida knew there was a baby alligator in their pen long before their costumed caretakers did. Find out what happened!


Northward-Bound Whooping Cranes
March 3, 2014

A few Whooping cranes in the Eastern Migratory Population are heading north! Pair #4-01 and #8-05 are among them. Have any of the youngest cranes begun migration?


Crane $4-13 chases away #4-12.

Wintering in Florida
February 9, 2014

The eight young crane-kids that migrated south last fall with aircraft leaders are now banded and flying free in Florida!

Image: Operation Migration

The Class of 2013 and their ultralight aircraft leaderOperation Migration

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