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WEATHER: What forces affect our weather?
Water Cycle
Powerful Storms
Ice and Snow
Changing Climate

"Weather" is inspired by the following programs from Planet Earth, a video series in the Annenberg Media Multimedia Collection:

"The Climate Puzzle"
"The Blue Planet"
"The Solar Sea"
"Fate of the Earth"

Exhibit Sources
A list of resources used in the creation of this exhibit.

The creation of this exhibit would not have been possible without the ideas, efforts, and talent of the following individuals:

Academic Specialists
Eric Flescher, Ed.D
Science Educator, Kansas City

Ronald Holle
Science Educator
Norman, Oklahoma

Project Manager
Jennifer Fleming, Square Circle Solutions

Technical Consultants
Edward Piou, ep Productions
Rick Schmalgemeier, Innovate.Net

Jeffrey Braxton, Myriadmedia
Gordon Ng, Pangeum Interactive

Photo Credits
Snow crystals image courtesy of Dr. Bill Wergin and the U.S. Agricultural Research Service's Electron Microscopy Unit.
Vinyl record in tree trunk and rope tornado photos courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Hurricane Mitch satellite image courtesy of the National Climatic Data Center.
Cirrus clouds photo courtesy of Ronald Holle.
Funnel cloud and hail photos courtesy of Gene Moore, Tornado Chase Day.
Wedge tornado photo courtesy of Jim Ladue.
Mammatus clouds photo courtesy of Dr. Mohan Ramamurthy and the UIUC Cloud Catalog.

Special thanks to:
Debra Revere for research assistance for the Exhibits Collection.
The National Weather Service for granting us permission to use their wind chill data in this exhibit.

 "Weather" is inspired by programs from Planet Earth.


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