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Learner Express
Learner Express is a gallery of short video modules distilled from over 350 hours in the Annenberg Learner Collection. The science topics are useful in a STEM-based curriculum, while the math topics align with the Common Core Standards. You can quickly locate 1-5 minute videos to enhance classroom or professional learning. Indexed, annotated, and linked to related resources, Learner Express embodies the best of just-in-time learning.

Solve the puzzle of the seashell spiral.

During the Renaissance, mathematicians took special interest in how many objects in nature reflected mathematical principles. As they discovered connections, they developed mathematical ideas to help us understand the relationship between math and nature.

The concept of the golden mean, also known as the golden measure, was used by many Renaissance artists and architects, who learned about it from studying the ancient Greeks. It describes what people thought was a "visually pleasing" rectangle.

The Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci developed a series of numbers that relate to the golden mean.

Here is the Fibonacci series:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8...

Can you see a pattern? What do you think the next number in the series is?



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