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Physics for the 21st Century
This course covers a broad scale, from sub-atomic particle physics, through atomic and molecular physics, to cosmology. The video programs feature 22 case studies of researchers from leading research labs and universities who are breaking new ground in their fields.


Try Shrinking a Landfill

About 80 percent of our nation's garbage goes to landfills. Many landfills are rapidly running out of room; half are expected to close by the year 2000. With fewer places for our trash to go, we'll need to start generating less by reducing, reusing, and recycling as much as possible.

Try your hand at shrinking the amount of new material going into a community's landfill.

Your goal is to reduce the amount by 10 percent — a modest effort compared to the reduction goal of 50 percent in many communities.

Your budget to put the necessary measures into place is $50,000.

Try to get as great a reduction as you can within your budget. Start by clicking on a type of waste in the chart to the left.


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