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Interactives -- DNA

Genetic Engineering : Translating an mRNA Sequence

You can translate an mRNA sequence into an amino acid chain by using a codon chart. (see below) The mRNA language has no spaces between the words, and the beginning of the mRNA sentence is indicated by a particular three-nucleotide sequence, AUG (the amino acid methionine), which is called a start codon." Translation ends at the "stop" codons: UAA, UAG, and UGA.

To read this chart, put your mouse cursor on the letter at the center of the chart, which represents the first letter of the codon. For example, if the sequence is "GAC," you'll put the cursor on the center "G."

Next, move the arrow to the letter in the second row that matches the second letter of your codon, or "A."

Finally, move your cursor to the letter in the third row that matches the third letter of your codon, or "C," and read the name of the amino acid in the outside row.

Can you translate the following sequence? Remember to start at AUG and end at a stop codon.

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