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5-Question Survey: Reviewing the Previous Sessions

Find out your or your students' understanding of matter. Afterwards you can see how others answered the questions.

5-Question Survey: Rising and Sinking

Find out your or your students' understanding of fluid displacement. Afterwards you can see how others answered the questions.

Five-Question Survey: What are your ideas about basic astronomy?

Find out your or your students' understanding of astronomy. Afterwards you can see how others answered the questions.

Focus on Coaching: Music Ensemble

Observe a music teacher coaching a small ensemble rehearsal and decide whether and how the teacher provides appropriate coaching to the students.

Focus On: Critiquing Student Work

Watch two teacher critiques followed by two student critiques. Determine whether students are learning the elements of effective critique from their teachers.

Focus On: Culturally Responsive Teaching

Identify the ways a teacher demonstrates sensitivity to the cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds of the students he is teaching.

4-Question Survey: Matter

Find out your or your students' understanding of matter. Afterwards you can see how others answered the questions.

Fractions With Cuisenaire Rods

Learn how to represent fractions with Cuisenaire Rods. Use these rods to perform operations with fractions.

Frequency Bar Graphs

Line plots are good for small amounts of data while frequency bar graphs are better for large amounts. Observe how to transition from line plot to frequency bar graph.

From Corner to Corner

Measure the lengths and diagonals of three squares with a ruler. Look over your measurements and try to come up with a rule of thumb for estimating the length of a diagonal if you know the length of a side.

Frosted Cube-Cake

Imagine a cake shaped like a cube that is frosted on all six sides and will be cut into smaller cube-shaped pieces. Make predictions about the number of pieces and the amount of frosting on each piece of cake using the table to check your predictions.

Fun House Mirrors

Explore the effect of concave and convex mirrors. Combine concave and convex mirrors to design a fun house mirror that will create the distorted pictures of Melissa and Sam.

Galton Board

Use the Galton board to validate the Law of Large Numbers. Compare experimental and theoretical results to illustrate the Central Limit Theorem.

Grade 2 Spelling Bee

Read and listen to stories with some words left blank. Fill in the blank words, check your score and get correct spelling for the words you missed.

Genetic Engineering: Translating an mRNA Sequence

Translate an mRNA sequence into an amino acid chain using a codon chart. Then match each codon with the correct amino acid.

The Genetics of Resistance to HIV Infection

Explore the relationships between viruses, cells and the immune system, and the role of genes in disease resistance. See how mutations in an HIV receptor confer relative resistance to infection.

Genetics: Complex Inheritance Patterns

Our blood types are transmitted through multiple allelic inheritance. Identify the antigens and antibodies of the four different blood types: A, B, AB and O.

Genetics: Sex Linkage

Some traits, such as colorblindness, are related to gender. Complete a Punnett square showing the possible genotypes of children born to a colorblind mother and a father with normal vision.


Enter commands to direct your drawing tool to create different shapes. Reflect on the relationship between interior, exterior and central angles.

Geologic Timeline

Test your knowledge of major events (formation of the solar system, first appearance of water, etc.) in geologic history. Afterwards put the events in the correct order on the timeline.

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