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Listen to an explanation about exposition in Cinderella. Select the text that provides background information on the story’s setting and characters.


Explore the factors of numbers 2 to 36. Show how many factors each number has and identify which one are prime.

Factors of 24

Build rectangles that have an area of 24 square units and compile a list all possible factors of 24. Explain how you know that you have found all the possible factors.

Falling Objects

Explore the mathematics of a ball dropped from a height of 10 feet. Collect data on the height of the ball with respect to time and plot the curve representing the data.

Federalism Approaches Activity

The U.S. has a federal system of government where the states and national government exercise separate powers within their own spheres of authority and the lines of power change over time. Explore how the balance of power has shifted over time.

Ferris Wheel

Observe as the students diagram the facts of the problem. They then identify and graph the relevant functions to represent the motion around a Ferris wheel.

Figurate Numbers

Observe the geometric structure of numbers. Play with square and triangular figurate numbers on a graph and see the shapes that representative dot patterns can take.

Find the Feature

Examine a map of the United States and correctly identify major geographic features such as mountains, rivers and oceans. There are 20 questions and you have 30 seconds to answer each one.

Find the Surface Area of a Cylinder

Watch the net animation of a cylinder. Then calculate the cylinder’s surface area using the formula provided.

Find the Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

Watch the net of a rectangular prism fold up into a three-dimensional object. Then calculate and add the value for each face of the prism to get the total surface area.

Find the Unfamiliar Words

Read an excerpt from <em>My Name is Mar&#237;a Isabel</em> by Alma Flor Ada and highlight words based on how you would teach them to English language learners.

Find the Volume of a Cylinder

Determine the volume of a cylinder. Learn the formula for the volume of a cylinder.

Find the Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Determine the volume of a rectangular cube. Learn the formula for the volume of a cube.

Finding Pentominos

Pentominos are figures made from five squares where each square must touch at least one other square from corner to corner and side to side. How many pentominos can you make?

Finding the Area of Dot-Paper Shapes

Practice two different methods to calculate the area of complex shapes. As you work, think about how you are approaching it, what difficulties you are encountering, and how you would communicate your thinking to others.

Fish Derby

Students have to calculate the optimal number of bass and carp that a pond can support. They determine and graph information about feeding and breeding areas and solve an algebraic equation to get optimal numbers.

Fitting Lines to Data

For a given set of data points, the line that minimizes the sum of the squared errors is the least squares line. Find the least squares line that best represents the height and foot length of 17 people in a scatter plot.

Five Noodle Summary

The Five-Number Summary divides ordered numeric data into four groups with each group having the same number of data values. You will create a five-noodle summary for two different sets of noodles.

5-Question Survey: Chemical Change

Find out your or your students' basic knowledge of concepts like matter, molecules and open and closed systems. Afterwards you can see how others answered the questions.

5-Question Survey: Density and Pressure

Find out your or your students' understanding of density and pressure. Afterwards you can see how others answered the questions.

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