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Ordering Information
  1. Previewing Videos
  2. Shipping
  3. Rights
  4. Single Programs
  5. Coordinated Guides, Books, and Web Sites
  6. Desk or Examination Copies of Books
  7. Purchase Orders Online
  8. Digital License
  9. Returns
  10. International Orders
  11. Ordering From Unauthorized Distributors

  1. What is your preview policy for videos?

  2. Programs can be previewed online. Simply select a program from this list, and then click on the VoD icon to preview the program.

  3. What is the cost for shipping, how long will it take to arrive, and can I rush my order?
  4. Shipping and handling costs are $9.00 for the first item (DVD set, part, or print) and $3.00 per item for subsequent items. Additional charges may apply for large, expedited, international or otherwise special orders. Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to arrive.

    Priority Shipping
    To get your order in 3 business days, add an additional $19.00. To get your order in 4 business days, add an additional $8.50.

  5. Do your videos include public performance and closed-circuit rights?
  6. Yes, all of our videos come with public performance and closed-circuit broadcast rights. See also digital download rights.

  7. Can a single video program from a series, workshop, or library be purchased online?
  8. We offer our videos only in sets for online DVD purchases. However, you can view individual programs for the vast majority of our series online at no charge.

  9. What kinds of related guides, books, Web sites, and other resources accompany your videos?
  10. Many of our video series, libraries, and workshops have coordinated guides and textbooks; some of them have additional printed readers, audiocassettes, and other special materials. You may order single copies of these coordinated materials here online or by calling 1-800-LEARNER. If you are ordering multiple copies for course adoption purposes, however, we will refer you to the original publisher of the books and other materials, because Annenberg Learner is the "publisher" only of the videos. Please note that prices for these coordinated books and other materials are set by individual publishers, not by Annenberg Learner.

    Free, related Web sites are available here online by clicking on the button you’ll find on the left-hand side of the Web page where the videos are described. These special Web sites for our videos are freely open to visitors, and do not require special "user IDs" or "passwords."

    Note: For textbook ISBN, please call 1-800-LEARNER.

  11. Can you send me a desk copy, examination copy, or teacher’s edition of a book accompanying your videos?
  12. Annenberg Learner does not offer desk copies, examination copies, or teacher’s editions of books directly, because we are not the publishers of most of the books accompanying our programs. We "publish" only the videos. We are happy to refer you to the appropriate publisher who can supply the desk copies, examination copies, or teacher’s editions you are seeking.

  13. Can I order online using a purchase order?
  14. You may email your purchase order to orders@learner.org or you can print out our order form (PDF) and either mail it to:

    Matrixx/Annenberg Learner
    PO Box 26983
    St. Louis, MO 63118

    or fax it to us at 1-202-783-0333 with your own institution’s purchase order.

  15. When do I need to purchase a digital license and what is the cost?
  16. Annenberg Learner has exclusive rights to distribute digital versions of video series. Therefore, institutions that intend to distribute the video to students for course use via a password protected server must sign a digital license agreement. The license has a time limit of three years and allows only password protected servers to be used. The cost for the license is $500 per series for the term indicated. For further details on the digital license contact: order@learner.org.

  17. How do I return a shipment?
  18. Should you need to return a shipment, you can use the pre-printed return label enclosed in the shipment’s packing list. If you cannot find the label, please return your shipment to

    Matrixx/Annenberg Learner
    Returns Department
    3558 South Jefferson Ave.
    St. Louis, MO 63118

    We guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Our generous return policy allows you to return any purchases within 30 days in good condition for full credit, excluding shipping and handling. Please note that customers are responsible for paying shipping charges on returned items.

  19. Do you take Canadian and other international orders?
  20. If your order must be shipped to an address outside of the United States, it is considered an "international order."

    Our materials are not be to exported outside the US. It is a federal offense to do so. If you are outside of the US, except Canada (see below), and wish to purchase these products, please consult our list of international distributors, or call 1-317-558-4834 to ask about the availability of a particular series in your country. You will need to contact the individual distributors for pricing outside the United States.

    For Canada, please contact:

    Customer Service
    Visual Education Centre Limited
    30 MacIntosh Blvd, Unit 7
    Vaughan, Ontario
    Canada L4K 4P1
    Tel: +1 416-252-5907 Ext. 257
    Toll free: 1-800-668-0749
    Fax: +1 416-251-3720
    email: sales@visualed.com

  21. What should I know about ordering from unauthorized distributors?
  22. Several of you have brought to our attention that there are online auction sites like Ebay and stores like Amazon offering unauthorized "new" copies or downloads of Annenberg Learner video programs. Remember that most of our programs are available FREE online at Learner.org through Video on Demand. We never sell or charge a fee to access Video on Demand or live streaming; such access may not be sold.

    Please be aware that as a buyer or seller you may be infringing Annenberg Learner's rights under the United States Copyright Act if you are buying or selling (1) an unauthorized copy of our VHS, DVD, or audio programs; (2) access or links to our Video on Demand and/or live streaming; (3) access to downloaded digital copies of our programs; (4) any other access to our website, programs, copyrighted material, or intellectual property without express written permission from Annenberg Learner.

    What can be sold or purchased legally? Original items (NOT COPIES OR DUPLICATES) that you purchased directly from Annenberg Learner or one of our authorized distributors.

    We cannot guarantee the quality of any item(s) you purchase through online auction/sale sites. We are not responsible for any loss you may have incurred through such auction/sale site. If you wish to purchase any of our programming, you can do so easily via our online catalog.

    If you are aware of any illegal sale or distribution of our programs, please contact us immediately. We appreciate your diligence in helping us to make quality professional development material accessible to all.

Still have a question? Please email us at order@learner.org or call 1-800-LEARNER.





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