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Invitation to World Literature

Technical Help

This Web site includes video content in Macromedia Flash. There are also PDF, as well as site features that depend on browser functions for an optimal experience.

Here is specific information on each of these elements:

Viewing Video Content

Video is served through the Flowplayer, which provides video in Flash format and is embedded in the page. No download is necessary. Please note that some older browsers may not be compatible with the Flowplayer. Full information on this player is available at http://flowplayer.org/.

Downloading and Viewing PDFs

This site also includes Adobe PDF files (.pdf). To open and print the PDF files you will need the Adobe Reader, available from http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/.

Browser Recommendations

This site was built to work properly with all major browsers at use at its time of publication, September 2010. Note that for an optimal experience please do not disable scripts or style sheet functions.