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Invitation to World Literature



audio-iconPrudencio Aguilar
Killed by José (I), Prudencio's ghost haunts his killer twice, first spurring José (I) to leave his home village, the second time driving him to madness in Macondo.
audio-iconAmaranta (I)
Daughter of José Arcadio (I) and Úrsula. She becomes first embittered by her foster sister Rebeca when Rebeca wins the love of a handsome store owner, Pietro Crespi, then a bitter recluse after Rebeca chooses another. Amaranta herself rejects Pietro, who dies.
audio-iconAmaranta Úrsula and Aureliano (IV)
Accidental incestuous lovers, Amaranta Úrsula and Aureliano (IV) are the last inhabitants of Macondo. Amaranta Úrsula erases Macondo from the Earth.
Arcadio (II)
Arcadio (II) is the result of José (I)'s liaison with Pilar Ternera. When his father abandons him, Arcadio withdraws, and his life ends when he is executed by the Conservatives for joining his uncle Aureliano's Liberal army.
José Arcadio (I)
Patriarch of the Buendía family, he founds the village of Macondo.
José Arcadio (II)
The first son of José (I) and Úrsula, who leaves with the gypsies rather than face his illegitimate son Arcadio. He marries his foster sister Rebeca.
audio-icon(Colonel) Aureliano Buendía
Second son of José (I) and Úrsula. This quiet boy becomes a Colonel in the rebel Liberal army, fighting and losing 32 wars and fathering 17 sons by 17 different women. He marries Remedios (I) early in life. He dies in Macondo, haunted by war and his memories of his youth.
audio-iconAureliano Segundo and José Arcadio Segundo
The twin sons of Arcadio (José Arcadio II). José Arcadio Segundo witnesses the massacre of banana workers, which no one else believes happened.
The village that was founded by José (I) and Úrsula; it is destroyed at the end of the book.
Leader of the gypsy troupe that visits Macondo regularly in its early years. Melquiades is the author of the mysterious book left to the Buendías.
Daughter of Aureliano Segundo and Fernanda, who has an illegitimate son (Aureliano IV) by Mauricio Babilonia, and is banished to a convent.
audio-iconRebeca Buendía
Abandoned by her parents, Rebeca is raised from a near-feral child to a young lady by José Arcadio (I) and Úrsula. She marries José Arcadio (I) when he returns with the gypsies.
The young love of Colonel Aureliano's life, she dies during her first pregnancy, after which he joins the Liberal Party and then engages in endless civil wars after becoming disgusted with the corruption of the political status quo.
Remedios the Beauty
Daughter of Arcadio (Jose Arcadio II), whose great beauty leads to many deaths, and who ascends into Heaven one day while hanging out the laundry.
United Fruit Company
The American fruit company that comes to Macondo to start a banana export industry.
audio-iconÚrsula Iguarán
Matriarch of the Buendías, wife of José Arcadio (I).