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Invitation to World Literature



Chaos and the disintegration of the order of the universe; adharma is the opposite of dharma. Heroes and warrior-kings of the epic embody dharma (order and sacred duty) while their foes embody adharma (chaos).
The hero of the story; Arjuna is one of the five Pandava brothers who fight for their rightful place in their father's kingdom. Arjuna's father was a warrior god, but his greatest counselor is the god Krishna.
Devotion to cosmic order that is free of personal desires.
This is the sacred duty that supports the moral order that sustains the cosmos, society, and the individual.
This is the reciprocal relationship between cosmic order and human action. Karma is at once action and the result of actions as they cycle through the universe.
Great Soul, Original Creator, Boundless Lord of Gods, Shelter of All That Is; Krishna is the manifestation of the Supreme Being who walks the earth in the shape of a human. In the Gita, Krishna is acting as Arjuna's charioteer, but instructing Arjuna in the ways of dharma.
The practice of discipline; yoga, as most westerners know it today, is a way of practicing bodily discipline to help the mind reach discipline.