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Invitation to World Literature


Invitation to World Literature is a production of WGBH Educational Foundation with Seftel Productions for Annenberg Media.

For WGBH Educational Foundation

Vice President, Children's, Education, and Outreach and Executive in Charge
Brigid Sullivan

Director of Educational Productions
Denise Blumenthal

Director of WGBH Interactive
Ron LaRussa

Executive Producers
Arthur R. Smith
Amy Tonkonogy

Content Producer
Lori Rogers-Stokes

Business Manager
Maria Constantinides

Production Manager
Marisa Nopakun

Web Production Consultant
Sarah Grafman

Li Wei

Production Designer
Cassandra Sell

Chris Beer
Kal Gieber
Alan Kwan
Mitch Smith

Senior Researcher
Anna Fort

Design Consultant
Kim Ducharme

Additional Content Producer
Arthur R. Smith

Business Manager
Maria Constantinides

Unit Managers
Polly Searles
Amy Stahl

Legal and Business Affairs
Karen Baseman

Executive Assistant
Eric Taub

Office Coordinator
Heather Myers

Production Intern
Ellie Benner

For Seftel Productions

Executive Producer
Joshua Seftel

Ross Tuttle
Annie Wong

Coordinating Producers
Maggie Anderson
Patricia Benabe

Production Manager
Jill Landaker

Gavin Coleman
Sak Costanzo
Oliver Lief
Dan Madden
Amy Seplin

Assistant Editors
Rob Chapman
Maud Dillingham

Post-Production Consultants
Brice Bishop-Pullan
Keith Overton

Directors of Photography
Mia Barker
Ava Berkofsky
Austin Debesche
Ron Egozy
Dana Kupper
Guy Mossman
Rob Muraskin
Bob Peterson
Jon Schell
Alan Thatcher

Steve Bores
Fred Burnham
Charles Cann
Eric Edwards
Adisa Khepra
Mike Reilly
Mark Roy
Blair Scheller
George Sozio
Ray Sunithet
Donny Tam
Dane Thomsen

David Bouley
Fletcher Burns
Myo Campbell
Carlos Ginard
Mike Godin
Alan Hostetler
Karl Lee
Eric Leibman
Art Meyerhoff
Chris Tetens
Eric Williams
George Zorich

Archival Research Manager
May Wilkerson

Casting Consultant
Bill Goldstein

Title Sequence
Anthony Kraus

Visual Effects
Rob Chapman
Steve Benjamin
Spencer Anderson
Kelsey Stark

Online Facility
Frame:Runner NYC

Sound Mix
Richard Bock

Production Office Interns
Steve Benjamin
Emily Chapper
Daniel Cohen
Eric Epps
Davide Fabbian
William Marshall
Stephanie Phoutrides
Ramona Sadiq
Sarah Schoonmaker

DVD Production
Modulus Studios, Boston, MA

For Annenberg Media

Senior Program Officer
Michele McLeod


Lead Advisor, Professor David Damrosch, Harvard University

Professor Wai Chee Dimock, Yale University
Professor Nina Ha, Creighton University
Professor Shona N. Jackson, Texas A&M University
Professor Martin Puchner, Harvard University
Professor Diane Thompson, Northern Virginia Community College

The entire production team thanks our literary advisors, particularly Professor Damrosch, whose insight, inspiration, and humor not only made this project possible, but a great pleasure. We are also deeply grateful to all of the interview subjects in the video series who shared their expertise, passion, and personal experience of world literature in the spirit of inviting others into reading these great works.