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UNIT 7: The Spread of Religions


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Aksum Audio Pronunciation of Aksum
Important trading kingdom dominant in Northeast Africa from fifth century BCE to tenth century CE.

al-Harawi Audio Pronunciation of al-Harawi
Thirteenth-century Muslim pilgrim who wrote about his travels between Egypt and Iran.

Ashoka  Audio Pronunciation of Ashoka
Third-century BCE Mauryan king who converted to Buddhism and spread the religion throughout the Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka.

Bodh Gaya  Audio Pronunciation of Bodh Gaya
Birthplace of Buddhism.

Bodhi tree Audio Pronunciation of Bodhi tree
The tree under which the Buddha reached enlightenment.

Constantine Audio Pronunciation of Constantine
Roman ruler who shifted the capital of the Empire to the east, converted to Christianity, and founded the Byzantine Empire.

Ezana  Audio Pronunciation of Ezana
Aksum ruler who converted to Christianity in the fourth century CE.

Frumentius Audio Pronunciation of Frumentius
Fourth-century Christian bishop who converted the Ethiopian ruling class to Christianity.

hadith Audio Pronunciation of hadith
Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Hagia Sophia Audio Pronunciation of Hagia Sophia
Church built by Constantius, the son of Constantine, in Constantinople in the early sixth century.

Ibn Jubayr Audio Pronunciation of Ibn Jubayr
Twelfth-century Muslim traveler and chronicler of the Crusades.

Ka'aba Audio Pronunciation of Ka'aba
Holy site for Muslims in Mecca.

Kievan Rus Audio Pronunciation of Kievan Rus
Earliest Russian government, 882 - 1169 CE.

Mauryan  Audio Pronunciation of Mauryan
South Asian dynasty, 322 - 183 BCE.

Monophysite Audio Pronunciation of Monophysite
Christians of the fifth to seventh centuries who taught that Jesus was solely divine and did not have two natures, the human and the divine.

Muhammad Audio Pronunciation of Muhammad
In Islam, the prophet who received the last revelation from God.

Prince Vladimir Audio Pronunciation of Prince Vladimir
Ruler of Kievan Russia; converted to Christianity in 988 CE when he married the sister of the Byzantine emperor.

Samarqand  Audio Pronunciation of Samarqand
Trade city along the Silk Road in Central Asia.

Sassanid Audio Pronunciation of Sassanid
Persian government, 224 - 651 CE.

shari'a Audio Pronunciation of shari'a
Muslim law.

Siddhartha  Audio Pronunciation of Siddhartha
The given name of the Buddha.

Sufis Audio Pronunciation of Sufis
Muslim mystics.

Sufism Audio Pronunciation of Sufism
Mystical approach to Islam.

Taklamakan Desert  Audio Pronunciation of Taklamakan Desert
Forbidding desert in Central Asia around which the Silk Roads took northern and southern routes.

Tashkent  Audio Pronunciation of Tashkent
Trade city along the Silk Road in Central Asia.

wuwei  Audio Pronunciation of wuwei
Daoist term used to translate concept of nirvana into Chinese.

Xuanzang  Audio Pronunciation of Xuanzang
Chinese Buddhist pilgrim and translator of Indian texts into Chinese, 600 - 664 CE.

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