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UNIT 10: Connections Across Water


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Abbasid Caliphate Audio Pronunciation of Abbasid Caliphate
Second Muslim government headed by the caliph (religious leader) of the Muslim community; capital was Baghdad, 750 - 1258 CE.

Babylonian  Audio Pronunciation of Babylonian
Relating to the city of Babylon, an early city-state in Mesopotamia which existed around 2300 BCE.

Cahokia Audio Pronunciation of Cahokia
Mississippian urban civilization active from 900 to 1400 CE with large mounds in the shapes of animals like snakes.

Carolingian Empire  Audio Pronunciation of Carolingian Empire
Territory controlled by Charlemagne and his sons.

devaraja Audio Pronunciation of devaraja
Cult of a god-king in southeast Asia derived from Hinduism.

Funan Audio Pronunciation of Funan
Southeast Asian state, first to sixth centuries CE.

Harappan  Audio Pronunciation of Harappan
Of or relating to early civilization in Indus valley.

Kilwa  Audio Pronunciation of Kilwa
Island and port city along the east coast of Africa, near modern-day Tanzania.

Malacca Audio Pronunciation of Malacca
City-state in southeast Asia at the center of sea trade routes around 1500.

mandala Audio Pronunciation of mandala
From early Indian cosmology, a sacred diagram of the cosmos composed of concentric circles or rectangles.

Mesopotamia  Audio Pronunciation of Mesopotamia
Area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers; Sumer and Akkad were the two earliest societies established in that area.

Mogadishu  Audio Pronunciation of Mogadishu
Port city along the east coast of Africa.

Mombasa  Audio Pronunciation of Mombasa
Port city along the east coast of Africa.

Mozambique  Audio Pronunciation of Mozambique
Modern country in southern Africa.

Palembang  Audio Pronunciation of Palembang
First capital of Srivijaya in the eleventh century.

Quanzhou  Audio Pronunciation of Quanzhou
Port in southern China.

Sassanian Audio Pronunciation of Sassanian
Last Persian empire before the expansion of Arab peoples, 224 - 642 CE.

Srivijaya Audio Pronunciation of Srivijaya
Empire in Southeast Asia that controlled trade from the fifth to fifteenth century CE.

Sumerian  Audio Pronunciation of Sumerian
From Sumer, the earliest Mesopotamian society.

Swahili  Audio Pronunciation of Swahili
East African people who speak Swahili, the Bantu language that draws upon borrowed Arabic words as well as words from other languages spoken by mariners in the Indian Ocean.

Zambezi River  Audio Pronunciation of Zambezi River
2750 kilometer-long river that starts in southern Africa and empties into the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar Audio Pronunciation of Zanzibar
Island off the coast of Tanzania controlled by the Omani of the southern Arabian coast.

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