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Re: [Channel-talkmathhs] desires/gratification of them

From: Michael Paul Goldenberg <mikegold@umich.edu>
Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 11:03:16 EST

So Mark, if I may summarize: bad kids are the product of bad culture + bad parents. Bad classrooms are the product of budget and equipment shortages.

Any place in your conspiracy for bad teaching being a product of poorly trained, lazy, cynical, stupid, or otherwise incompetent teachers?

I don't discount the factors you mention. But I don't get to pick my students, their parents, or the culture in which I work (unless I want to abandon my 11 yo son and leave the country). I do get to have a huge say in how future elementary teachers from UM-Flint think aboiut doing and teaching math and constructing learning communities in their classrooms in which I'd feel good about my son being a member. Want to rail against the sea or talk about how to divert the water into useful, productive channels? If it's the former, count me out.
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