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[Channel-talkmathhs] sounds of silence

From: D. Mark Fette <dmfette@hughes.net>
Date: Sun Oct 29 2006 - 20:46:11 EST
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2869

Greetings all! I am hoping that the sounds of silence from the group are due to the fact that math teachers rarely have time to do anything much else other than grading papers, taking courses, etc. If I offended anybody by my last communication, such offense was not intended.

I am starting an expose' to which I hope some of you may wish to contribute. It will propose to reveal why teachers cannot teach. Perhaps you have noticed that the "paragon" classrooms on the instructional videos do not match our realities as teachers, at least not mine. I do wonder how Ms. Cho would handle an AEP client, such as I have had in the past and continue to have, who is coming down off a 3 day methamphetamine binge. There are certainly many other problems I could mention in my reality, but I am interested in yours.

I come from a family of teachers. My older brother teaches in a L.A. high school; my older sister teaches elementary in New Mexico. When we exchange "war" stories, there appears to be common themes to our problems, a fundamental "spirit" that seems to be driving problems in education leaving "...no child left unscathed..." if I might say so with tongue in my cheek. Perhaps the expose' may serve as my last act of defiance against this "spirit" before I myself either burn out or accommodate myself to having a job rather than a discerned vocation. I think I would rather burn. I still have great hopes for my district.

I digress. I will leave you to your papers and/or your sounds of silence. I have my own to grade. If you get a chance, rattle your chains in my general direction as I am doing to yours.


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Received on Mon Oct 30 11:39:16 2006

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