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Discussion Question 2 - [Channel-talkmathhs] Teaching Math grades 9-12

From: O'Hares <ohares3@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 06:38:57 EDT

DQ1: From Session 1 - Questions to write and reflect

What types of mathematical communication are you
interested in trying in your own classroom? How will
you go about doing that? What are you hoping to gain
from this work?

Liz's Response: I would like to teach that there are
patterns everywhere and statistics that help us
understand these patterns. I think realistic student
activites involving banking and sales experiments
using computers and technology can help me teach
these. This type of learning will encourage
multi-faceted communication, including student to
cyberspace and back, and help break away from the
instructor-led only model.

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