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From: Dennis Ashendorf (dashendorf@nmusd.k12.ca.us)
Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 11:29:25 EDT

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  • If you're a bit confused about how you are to form a group so that you
    can be awarded a "Certificate of Completion," lets try this:
    1. I [Dennis Ashendorf] volunteer to facilitate this course. This
    means that I'll keep track of our performance of the activities and
    "attendance" during the course. At this time, I don't know what they
    are, but hopefully text postings to this site will suffice.
    2. We need to complete the course in one month. I'm applying for
    graduate credit and all work must be in Colorado State's offices by July
    3. According to the facilitator rules, to join the group, the following
    information must be emailed to me:
            Your Name:
            School Name:
            School Street Address:
            School City:
            School State:
            State Zip:
            School Phone:
            Home Street Address:
            Home City:
            Home State:
            Home Zip:
            Home Phone:
            Home Email:
    If this seems excessive to you, I understand. At the very least send me
    enough information so that Annenberg/CPD can identify you and send you a
    4. To join the group, or if you have questions or concerns, you can
    email me at dennis@ashendorf.com. Thanks.
    5. Please note how few postings have been entered. We're trying
    something new. Lets make it special.
    Dennis Ashendorf
    Math Teacher
    Back Bay High School - NMUSD

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