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Big Ideas in Literacy

Examining the Disciplinary Literacy Practices of a Secondary Mathematics Classroom

Video and Reflection: Now watch Thinking Like a Mathematician in which students are working on exponential and logarithmic functions using a real-world context of earthquakes. You may want to take notes on the questions below.

  • Before you watch: What does it take to set up a mathematics classroom so there are opportunities for students to engage in authentic mathematical activity as laid out in the Standards for Mathematical Practice? Be sure to consider how these opportunities include reading, writing, thinking, and talking like mathematicians.  How do teachers create these opportunities for their students?
  • Watch the video: As you watch, collect evidence of the Standards for Mathematical Practice students engage in during this video. Note ways Ms. Burow creates opportunities for students to read, write, think, and talk like mathematicians.


Thinking Like a Mathematician

Constantina “Dina” Burow walks her students through logarithmic functions by breaking down a word problem from a mathematics textbook and then showing them how their previous knowledge of exponential functions helps them graph and solve logarithmic functions. 

Teacher: Constantina “Dina” Burow

School: Health Sciences High and Middle College, San Diego, CA

Grade: 11

Discipline: Mathematics (Algebra 2)

Lesson Topic: Logarithms and logarithmic functions

Lesson Month: February

Number of Students: 34

Other: Health Sciences High and Middle Colleges is a health-focused charter school.

  • Reflect: What Standards for Mathematical Practice did you see students engaged in during the lesson? What opportunities were there for students to read, write, think, and talk like mathematicians? What did you see Ms. Burow do or say to provide these opportunities?