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History/Social Studies

Bringing It All Together

Using Discussion to Support Reading and Writing

Discussion can help students make sense of the work they are doing in the historical inquiry, as it provides an opportunity for students to collectively develop their knowledge and interpretations, build on others’ ideas, and receive feedback about their work with texts and the writing process. Discussions can take place both with student-to-student conversations and those that take place as a whole class.

Teachers can use certain discussion moves that clarify what students are thinking, extend the conversation to other students that push students’ thinking, and hold students accountable to what the text or other students might be saying.

Explore: Check out the following documents about different discussion methods.

Reflect: How might these types of discussions reinforce the use of literacy skills and inquiry in the social studies classroom?

Explore: Review Questioning the Author: Discussion Moves [PDF] for a list of dialogic moves that teachers can use in facilitating classroom discussions.

Reflect: How might these different discussion moves support students and develop their thinking as they work with sources in the classroom?