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History/Social Studies

Argument Writing

Using Writing as Assessment

While student writing can be used as a form of summative assessment (end product) to gauge whether students accomplished a specific objective, consider writing as a formative (ongoing) assessment of how well students are developing skills over time.

While each step of writing in this unit has been laid out in a progression toward writing prose, a teacher might want to only focus on only one aspect of writing within a single investigation. Therefore, student performance in annotating, graphic organization/conceptual mapping, and the writing of prose can be seen as developing over time, reinforcing the notion that writing is a long-term process.

Video and Reflection: Revisit Using Student Data to Plan Instruction as an example using writing as assessment. You may want to take notes on the questions below.

  • Before you watch: Think about the kinds of data you collect on your students. What do you learn about your students’ understandings and skills from the data you collect?
  • Watch the video: As you watch, notice how Ms. Westenberg uses data to get a sense of students’ learning. What is the role of students’ writing in helping the teacher assess students?


Using Student Data to Plan Instruction

Amanda Westenberg discusses her technique of using student performance data to drive instruction.

Teacher: Amanda Westenberg

School: Rangeview High School, Aurora, Colorado

Grade: 12

Discipline: History (World History)

Lesson Topic: Document-based question on China’s one-child policy

Lesson Month: May

Number of Students: 30

  • Reflect: How might the ideas about assessing students from this video be incorporated into your own teaching?

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