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Bringing It All Together

Reading and Writing

Reading influences how we write, and writing influences how we read. For example, reading widely helps us see many models of writing for different purposes. By the same token, writing can help us read more methodically. So, when focusing on crafting a thesis sentence, we might be more conscious of locating the central thesis of a text we are reading.

Video and Reflection: Watch Reading, Writing, and Responding to Poetry to see how a creative writing teacher has students write poetry after being inspired by reading poetry. You may want to take notes on the questions below.

  • Before you watch: Frequently, when students study literature or poetry in school, they are asked to write “about” literature and poetry in the form of a literary analysis. What other kinds of writing assignments can you think of for your students where the reading material becomes an inspiration and a model for writing?
  • Watch the video: After producing their poems and workshopping them with each other and their teacher, students also write reflective essays about their poetry. What role does writing about writing play in a student’s development?


Reading, Writing, and Responding to Poetry

Students in Ben Berman’s creative writing class expanded their study of figurative language by reading and considering two poems about names. They then participated in emulation exercises to try their hand at the subject.

Teacher: Ben Berman

School: Brookline High School, Brookline, MA

Grade: 10–12

Discipline: English Language Arts (Creative Writing)

Lesson Topic: Poetry and the relationship between objects/ideas/things and the ideas behind them

Lesson Month: May

Number of Students: 12

Other: This classroom is part of SWS—School Within a School—an alternative program that students self-select to participate in and are admitted by lottery. Admitted students help choose the course of study.

  • Reflect: How would you explain to your students the value of writing about their writing?