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Title of course:  Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections

Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections



Unit 5: Building New Neural Networks

Neuroscientist Kurt Fischer discovered how, each time students advance to the next stage of mastery, there is a surge of growth of new neural networks in the brain.

Dynamic Skill Development

Harvard Professor Kurt Fischer has combined several avenues of research to converge on a model for learning that links stages of development—beginning... (Section 2)

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Kurt Fischer's developmental approach informs "DiscoTest": a diagnostic way for assessing knowledge across grade levels.

DiscoTests: A New Approach to Assessment

DiscoTests combine standardized and formative assessments that make it easy for middle- and high-school teachers to examine how well students understand what... (Section 3)

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A baby, Johanna, demonstrates problem solving and communication skills, recruiting her mother's help to solve a simple problem.

Johanna and Her Mother

At less than a year old, Johanna demonstrates how simple skills are combined to build more complex skills and how our ability to perform skillfully depends on... (Section 6)

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Using the video of Johanna and her mother as illustration, Prof. Kurt Fischer explains the role of scaffolding in learning.

Scaffolding: Johanna and Her Mother with Commentary

Analyzing the interaction between Johanna and her mother, Prof. Kurt Fischer explains the role of scaffolding in learning. As students learn new skills and... (Section 6)

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