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Title of course:  Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections

Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections



Unit 3: Seeing Others from the Self

Music teacher Hallie Cohen reduced behavior problems when she found ways to let her students use their instruments as tools to communicate their feelings to each other.

Music and Emotion

Music teacher Hallie Cohen became dissatisfied with the lack of student engagement in her technical, conservatory-derived lessons. However, she realized that... (Section 3)

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History teacher Judi Freeman uses video testimonials from the Holocaust to make her lessons meaningful to today's students.

Using Emotional Content in the History Classroom

At Boston Latin High School, Judi Freeman teaches a course on genocide and the Holocaust. She has incorporated video testimonies of the Holocaust collected by... (Section 4)

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As research participants listen to stories designed to evoke social emotions, such as admiration and compassion, brain imaging shows activation deep within the brain's non-conscious, life-regulating systems.


Research participants listen and react to stories designed to evoke social emotions such as admiration and compassion. The neural activity deep within the... (Section 5)

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Motivating students by encouraging them to make social connections to each other through peer mentoring.

Peer Mentoring

Music teacher Hallie Cohen recognized that early adolescence is a time when making connections to other kids is a very powerful motivator. As a result, she... (Section 6)

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